2018: Year in Review

Enrolling a master course for all the wrong reasons

This is a hard copy of the Master Thesis written during summer 2018.

Quitting the best job I ever had

Booth design planning for the first public appearance of Seven Bridges since I took the role of a PR Manager in 2016.

Switching from full-time in the office to half-time working from home

Fancy clothes are in the closet, I am a cat sitter, literally. Kira is sitting in my lap and Shiro is preventing me from reaching the keyboard.

I travelled a lot.

This pic was taken at my friend’s family house in St. Gervais, France.
JavaZone is taking place at Oslo Spektrum.
The view over the Bled lake.

My biggest finding in 2018: Being honest and rational is not what most of the people find appealing




A rationalist.

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Jovana Tomić

Jovana Tomić

A rationalist.

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